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August 28, 2015

VMworld 2015 – A Shameless Plug

by Steve

A month or so back, VMware Press reached out to Wahl and me asking if we’d be up for doing another book signing at VMworld. Wahl replied first, politely declining, citing his numerous event-related obligations–you know, booth duty, sessions, mingling with the normals–as well as the lackluster turnout last year. I think we had three people come by the booth. One was Cody Bunch, who was signing right after us. Another was just there early to see Cody.

I told them I’d be happy show up and play with my phone for 30 minutes, but if the two of us drew one net signee, with just me Moscone South would look something like this:


I figured that would kill the conversation, but a few weeks later they reached back out to confirm the time, and ask one more time if I could talk Wahl into it. So, I’ll be at the VMworld bookstore in Moscone South on Wednesday, September 2 from 11:00am-11:30am, signing copies of VMware for Network Administrators. Feel free to swing by for some stilted smalltalk.

And while nothing can quite fill the void left by Wahl’s absence, I have arranged for a very special mystery guest to join me in the booth. Come by and tweet a picture with him for a chance at what I’m told are fabulous prizes.

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