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August 20, 2014

Obligatory Pre-VMworld Post

by Steve

So VMworld 2014 kicks off next week. I’m thrilled to be attending, for what must be the fifth or sixth time. There’s no better opportunity to brine yourself in geekery and soak up everything VMware and its partners have to offer. Sure, most of the content will be available later—and the general sessions will be available live—but there’s just no substitute for the energy of the room. Something about bringing all of these smart people together, everybody feeding off of each other’s curiosity and interest, it just recharges my Give-a-Shit battery like nothing else. And by this time of year, I’m pretty much running on fumes.

Empty battery small

Just try not to picture it full.



Here’s a selection of the sessions on my schedule, because that’s a thing people do:

NET1214 – NSX Certification – the Next Step in Your Networking Career.

NET2747 – VMware NSX: Software Defined Networking in the Real World

NET1743 – VMware NSX – A Technical Deep Dive

NET1589 – Reference Design for SDDC with NSX & vSphere

NET1974 – Multi-Site Data Center Solutions with VMware NSX

NET1674 – Advanced Topics & Future Directions in Network Virtualization with NSX

NET1581 – Reference Design for SDDC with NSX for Multi-Hypervisions

NSX overkill, maybe? I haven’t had time to do much more than scratch the surface of NSX, so I’m trying to make up for it here.

SDDC1600 – Art of IT Infrastructure Design: The Way of the VCDX – Panel

I’m still on the fence over whether or not VCDX is realistic given homelife constraints—kids are a gigantic time sink—but eventually I’m going to get sick of Wahl lording it over me.

SDDC1767 – SDDC at Scale with VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: Deeper Dive

This session is strangely subtitled “Deeper Dive,” which leads me to believe we might get introduced to something called “VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure” during the General Session. I’m hoping this is the rumored MARVIN project, which The Register has speculated will involve a scale-out, node-based architecture built on VSAN with NSX on top.

INF2311 – vCenter Server Architecture and Deployment Deep Dive

This purports to be a futures discussion around how vCenter is evolving going into the next major release. As vCenter Server Heartbeat was recently shot in the head, I’m expecting some news on improved availability options. 

Book Signing

On a related note, Chris Wahl and I will be signing copies of our book, Networking for VMware Administrators, at 1:00pm Wednesday in the VMworld Bookstore (Moscone South). Please do come out, say hi to Chris, and give me an awkward “And you are?” look. Chris has announced that all of his proceeds from book sales will be donated to Alzheimer’s Association. I, too, would like to announce that all of Chris Wahl’s proceeds from book sales will be donated to Alzheimer’s Association.

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